Kobe Startup Makes Fastest Coronavirus Test in the World

Oct 10

Kobe Startup Makes Fastest Coronavirus Test in the World

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster

Mytech Co., Ltd. recently developed a novel coronavirus testing method which can test large amounts of the virus in a short timeframe. This test was developed through clinical trials with the Graduate School of Medicine at University of the Ryukyus. Genetic testing is generally cumbersome and time-consuming, and as such is not widespread. Rapid antigen testing often fails when the viral load is low, and many tests cannot be performed at once. In order to quickly contain the spread of the coronavirus, it is necessary to develop new methods that enable quick, simple, and large-scale testing. In response, Mytech has developed a quick and simple testing method that can be detected in just 2 minutes.

Mytech’s testing method visualizes and counts viruses. The coronavirus is small and cannot be detected with a normal microscope. Mytech has developed a quantum crystal which enhances light waves to visualize and count the virus. It is called CV testing (Coronavirus Visualization) because it is a visualization of the coronavirus.


In an examination using a variety of samples, a high positive concordance rate was obtained based on PCR tests. Experiments were conducted using stored samples (nasal swabs) and fresh samples (nasal swabs and saliva), and a high positive concordance rate was obtained based on PCR tests. CV testing has therefore been shown to be useful in real-world clinical practice.

Mytech has developed Proteo®, a state-of-the-art technology which enables CV testing.

When an antibody is solidified on Proteo® Covid-19 and an antigen-labeled antibody complex is dropped onto it, an antigen-antibody reaction occurs. When you shine a light source on this, a sample with the virus will glow. The glowing virus particles are counted, and the antigens can be detected quantitatively. Mytech’s quantum crystal forms the basis of this technology. It can take in an antibody and solidify it on a substrate in 1 minute. This detection technology can be applied not only to Covid-19 but also to other infectious diseases by utilizing the specific antibodies of other pathogens.


The advantage of CV testing is that you can directly monitor the amount of virus by visualizing it. In addition, it is possible to judge the therapeutic effect and evaluate the performance of drug discovery.


A fully automatic testing device capable of testing 8 samples per minute will be completed in August. We are promoting the out-licensing and dissemination of this testing system in Japan and overseas.

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