Kobe City, Japan Your Base in Asia

Kobe City, Japan:
Your Base in Asia

Kobe's startup ecosystem is designed to help you thrive.
From startup visa support to the acceleration, hiring, mentoring,
and growth guidance you need; we're your partner for success.

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What our startup ecosystem offers your venture:

Your startup needs a new home in Asia, We’re here to make sure you thrive.

Like any other living organism, a business venture needs just the right combination of elements to not just grow, but thrive.

Kobe’s startup ecosystem has a unique combination of public, private, Japanese and international support to take you from ideation, through investment, validation, introduction, growth and on to maturity.

With dedicated Kobe City support staff alongside you at every step, and subsidies and tax benefits from Kobe itself, it’s easy to see why starting your business up with Kobe City as your base is the only real answer whether you’re a team of two with a dream, or an established venture needing a new headquarters in Asia.

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Innovative Kobe: Our Startup Ecosystem

Kobe City is one of fewer than 10 areas in Japan where you can get a Startup Visa, and we will help support your venture with everything from finding office space to filling it with local talent.

Our startup ecosystem provides an expansive range of backing and resources.

Accessible to all of Japan, Asia and boasting a large settled international community means innovation isn’t something new to us, it’s part of who we are.

As home to the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, Kobe has unmatched talents in medical and computational science and first rate universities with incredible talent.

With our grassroots approach to encouraging innovation, Kobe strives to cultivate partnerships and policies that help start-ups grow and thrive. Not just the business community, but Kobe City itself is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive because your success is our success.

Inviting Kobe: Work + Life Balance to Help You Thrive

We’re not asking you to become Japanese, we’re looking for synergy. You take the best Kobe and Japan have to offer, and in return, you grow your venture here. Synergy is the Kobe secret and why you’ll find a work life balance here you won’t easily find elsewhere in Japan or Asia.

Kobe is already home to a large international community meaning we’re not asking you to become “Japanese” to fit in, We’ve got room to grow with and provide for you and your team in your local language. The perfect balance of big city and access, with affordability and a green, welcoming healthy environment make your work and life that much fuller. The city rests peacefully between the ocean and mountains, providing no shortage of outdoor activities or beautiful vistas. Read firsthand accounts of people who’ve made the journey, and you’ll learn just how many reasons why people love working & living in Kobe.

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Kobe Medical Industry Development Project

Kobe Creativity: Kobe Medical Industry Development Project

As home to some of the best hospitals, schools, and medical companies in the world, Kobe is home to a wealth of talent. Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster(KBIC) is Japan’s heartland for life sciences and computational science. KBIC companies can access several unique kinds of support for accelerating their research, development, and business growth.

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Meet the team who will be there to help your venture build relationships, make connections, and find your market. While you’re here, learn a little more about Kobe City, our history of innovation, and our startup friendly philosophy.

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