KOBE City: What we're all about

Kobe Stats


Kobe City has a population of 1.5 million making it the sixth largest city in Japan. Not too big, and not too small, we're JUST right.


We’re one of the main cities in the Kansai area, the second largest economic zone in Japan.

Our city has an impressive array of transportation options, offering airports, bullet trains, ships, and express ways for access across Japan and internationally, along with an amazing local transportation system that's second to none.

where's Kobe?
where's Kobe?

Kobe Facts

New culture and ideas

As an international port city, Kobe has a history of bringing new culture and ideas into the Japanese mainstream.

More than 200 international companies

With people from over 131 countries, Kobe has a history of being favored by international residents. More than 200 foreign companies operate in Kobe today.

Where Multinational Corporations go First In Asia

Recent additions to Kobe include the McKinsey's employee learning center, Bayer Incubation Center, and the Adidas Shoes Research and Development Center. We're the first location chosen in Asia for a multitude of MNEs.

Kobe Views


Offering both urban environments and rich natural environments, Kobe consistently ranks among the easiest cities to live in Japan.

This balanced and gorgeous environment makes it easier to live your life the way you want and get that all-important work/life balance you're just not going to find jammed into a packed Tokyo subway car.

where's Kobe?
where's Kobe?

Kobe News

IT & Med

We’re already known for being a hotspot for IT and medical fields but that doesn't stop us from being in the works in promoting strategic partnerships with big companies like Facebook, Rakuten, and Asics to attract new technologies, services, and human resources.

Getting Around

Another reason people enjoy living in Kobe is the city is incredibly well connected to the rest of the world. Sannomiya Station connects Kobe to Osaka and the rest of Japan. The Municipal Subway provides access to high-speed rail networks, helping move people efficiently through the city.

Kobe has also spent great effort on programs like Urban Innovation Japan to help reduce commuting time, improve public safety, and reduce crowding on trains. At any given moment, you’re only three hours from Tokyo by train. And both local and international air travel are close by, making Kobe a link to the rest of Japan.