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As a port city, Kobe has always been the gateway where new ideas enter Japan. This is where games like golf first came to Japan and it's also the home of Jazz in Japan. Our city has always welcomed and adopted the best of the west in ways other cities just can't copy.

For the same reasons that made America's start-up tech hub Silicon Valley instead of New York or inside San Francisco, Kobe is the prime location to become Japan's ultimate tech hub.


Kobe is often described as a big city that doesn’t feel like a big city. With divine culinary experiences, amazing parks, and pristine public transportation, Kobe more than delivers on all the amenities you expect from a major metropolitan area – but without the terrible commute times and high cost of living. Being safe, clean, convenient, and surrounded by nature, it’s no wonder that so many international residents already live in Kobe. Kobe is a place where everyone can live comfortably at their own pace. This is the key to a work/life balance that grows ideas and enterprises.

We've actually got an international community.

International Community

One of the reasons Kobe is a great place to live is because it's already home to many members of the international community. An estimated 44,000 international residents are living in Kobe at any given time, making the international community a sizable portion of the local population. But don't take our word for it, hear about the Kobe lifestyle from them directly.

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International Infrastructure

Kobe is home to more than two dozen public schools, and nearly as many public and private universities. Among them you’ll find several international schools that serve long-term foreign residents and expats by offering instruction in multiple languages. Within the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, you’ll find around 200 hospitals that cater to an international population and support, languages including English.

International Flexibility

Japan: "Great to visit but hard to live in?" Read why Kobe breaks that mold.

Great Work + Life Environment

Even though Kobe is the 6th largest city in Japan, its citizens are always surrounded by nature. The city is cradled by mountains on one side and sea on the other. At Mt. Rokko, only a few short miles outside of town, you’ll find a dense green forest, and one of the oldest hot-springs in Japan.

At any given moment, you're only a few moments away from skiing, mountain climbing, or trips to the beach. Even within city limits, well maintained parks are abundant, making Kobe renowned for its beauty, clean air, and fresh delicious food. (Kobe beef, anyone?)

Walk-able, liveable Kobe is conducive to creativity and a place where you, your family, and your venture can thrive.

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